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Today, I want to talk to you about something new, I don't think many of you know it and for this reason I am happy and honored to be able to write about it on my blog.

I was pleasantly surprised, both for the business idea and for the quality of the products.

cosmolle underwear costole bra colorblock by felym  reggiseni cosmolle

I'll tell you all about Cosmolle, underwear made with a 3D printing technique that uses a collagen fiber obtained from fish scales, (yes, you got it right ..) 100% natural and in a historical period like this in which we all seek to be more attentive to the environment and recycling seems to me a fantastic novelty.

Collagen, as you all know, has anti-wrinkle properties and helps improve the elasticity of our skin.

By wearing collagen underwear, our skin will always stay well hydrated, bringing benefits to our whole body.

On line, you will find more details on the production cycle, now let's discover their products.

best comfortable bra, cups 40% lighter than other bras on the market and much more resistant, think that the cups keep their shape unchanged for over 100 washes. Size from 34B to 40C

cosmolle bra reggiseni cosmolle
you can find more here

cosmolle bra
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cosmolle bra
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Many models that adapt to the needs of all us from size to model, perfect to wear on any occasion.

On line you will also find a section  comfortable underweare for women elegant and sensual suits perfect from morning to night. In the classic colors but also with a few touches of color, to be worn also as clothing.

I created a gallery with the products that most impressed me, you will find the links to proceed with the purchase and browse the site to find out everything about the brand, the brand philosophy and their business strategy

cosmolle underwear
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