lunedì 15 ottobre 2018

Fashionme and its Black Friday Sale!

Winter is upon us, as the Black Friday!
Yes, very little is missing and I have already started thinking about all that I will buy in those crazy days of shopping and discounts..
You too?
Well, if you have not started thinking about it yet, get comfortable and take a look at all the offers that Fashionme has designed for us.

Do you know this site? is very stocked with fashionable clothes at favorable prices ..

Let's redesign the wardrobe, starting from the must-have outerwear of the winter 2019.

Black Friday winter outerwear

  discover all the offers that you reserve

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Cute leopard print coat don't you think?

Yes, because coats and overcoats, they are still the most important purchase of the season! And why not take advantage of buying them on sale?
Coats from day to night, to always be perfect and fashionable from morning to evening, for the office or for the evening out.

Warm, spacious and comfortable, or luxurious if embellished with borders.

 Colorful for the most fashionable that are not afraid to dare and the inevitable animal print of great strength and personality.

I love them! Check my selection and let me know which is your favorite coat!

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change clothes, how much do we like girls? I adore them, I wear them on every occasion, I like them because they are easy to match.
Evening dresses, for free time, for work.
Solid color or ironic and fun prints to the most classic flowers, an evergreen that should never be missing in our closets just like the little black dress.

Take advantage!

In my selection there is a modern and versatile version of the black dress, a sporty dress shirt in denim delavè to be worn with low boots or sneakers and a romantic pink dress that is reminiscent of a Chanel model
What do you think?

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