sabato 17 febbraio 2018


Sometimes it takes just a little to give your look a touch of glamor and make our style unique and all to be copied!
A jewel or a bijoux, they are the accessory that makes the difference!
But what are the jewels that should not be missing in our jewelry box?
Earrings, maxi or minimal necklaces and charm bracelets, classic or revisited in a modern way.
Let's see together what are the trendy jewels for 2018.

Today I share with you the news that we can find oneasewholesale , a shop where you can buy at low prices our accessories to change every day to always be different!

As for the rings, fashion wants them important, great with tribal shapes or with showy and colored stones without forgetting a bit of romance!

A black ring with a pink stone, is a cool and fashion accessory that you can combine with all the outfits, a dark touch that is very strong.

anello nero tendenza gioielli 2018 fashion rings

The most romantic girls  will surely choose a ring from the pastel colored stones and the bronze structure

tendenza gioielli 2018 moda gioielli

A snake-shaped ring, an evergreen with a sensual touch that never goes out of fashion

aneli forma di serpente tendenza gioielli 2018
In the website, you will find a section entirely dedicated to rings rings

If you are looking for the perfect gift for your he or her you can opt for a chain with charm with romantic written incisions! Obviously, a gift of a couple, to always carry with you.

A special section for couples jewelry will surprise you!

Very nice gift ideas don't you know??

Follow the brand also on its social media

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  1. mi piace proprio tutto di questa selezione:D

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  3. Thanks for the ideas given above! Where do we find the best gift? I'm really concerned with something like that!

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